Webinars: conference calls and your brand

 Using webinars and conference calls to better your brand

Think about it: has communication ever been this convenient? We’ve gotten to the point where technology has advanced so much, we can now call anyone at the touch of a button, make video calls, and even hold webinars (a combination of the words ‘web’ and ‘seminar’). If your business hasn’t stepped into the wonderful world of webinars yet – why not? It’s an important marketing tool that your business could be utilising today. Studies have even shown that using webinars as part of an integrated word of mouth marketing technique actually generates more high quality leads, so what are you waiting for? Here are some rules to help get you started on hosting your own webinar.

How to host a webinar

The most important first step is to ensure your registration page actually works, so that people can easily join in on the discussion. What do they need to fill out? Limit the registration fields so that they need only fill out vital contact information and their ideal schedule. You must also include important details about your conversation topic and user requirements so that your audience will at least be prepared for what your webinar will most likely entail. Make sure the system can immediately confirm your participants’ registration so they know they can join the session.

Never be late. This is just professional basics, but stick to the schedule you’ve published. Split the webinar into specific sessions such as presentation time, and interaction or Q&A time. This will make things more structured allowing you to focus on your agenda.

Don’t let yourself get distracted; if your attention wanders, you can bet your audience’s will, too. Make sure the landline you are using has a good, clear signal – try to avoid using a mobile phone if at all possible to avoid any excess static. Try not to use speakerphones as they can capture background noise. And not forgetting, turn off your phone’s call waiting features and notifications such as text and email.

Be professional and do proper introductions at the start of your webinar. Explain any complex terms – not everyone will know what they mean. And lastly, relax, and have fun!



Source:  Social Media Today



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