How To Boost SEO With Pinterest

Making Pinterest Work for You

Pinterest is an excellent platform for businesses looking to soar to the top of the search engine rankings. Many website owners who’ve struggled to achieve top search engine rankings have seen Pinterest make a huge difference to their revenue, especially when hashtags are used in conjunction with the service. The service itself allows brands to increase their customer reach by ‘pinning’ interesting, informative and engaging material and can currently boast a figure of over 11 million users worldwide. Websites that are looking for increase their B2C customer reach should find Pinterest to be an indispensable tool.

Driving Traffic to Your Site

Many customers go on to make purchases after seeing information about products being posted or ‘pinned’ on Pinterest. There are several techniques that can be used in order to get the most from the service and to achieve better search rankings through it. These techniques include things like long tail keywords, which you can tweak in order to cater for your target audience and their geographic location. Don’t forget to incorporate backlinks into your pins in order to drive traffic back to your site, where conversions can be made. The more interesting and engaging your pins are, the more likely they are to be shared, increasing exposure levels for your business even further. This can also be achieved by allowing visitors to your website to pin the content they see there.

Using Hashtags

You should also make full use of the hashtag facility too, as this makes it easier for potential customers to find your products if they are looking for them. You can build whole marketing campaigns around hashtags – just ensure that they are fun, creative and likely to capture the imagination of your target audience. Just remember to include your keywords in the pinboard name and description.



Source: Socialmediatoday



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