How Brands Will Be Affected By Google's Carousel

Be Carousel Ready

Companies that wish to attract custom from those in their vicinity can benefit hugely from local search. The search giants have been working hard to promote localised content, and the latest such offering from Google – Google Carousel – is just one example of the facilities that are being provided. Carousel is currently only available in the US and in the English language but it is predicted to expand globally as the months roll by. In Carousel, search users will see different businesses being listed at the top of search engine results pages.

A Major Change

In Carousel, web users can see images of companies alongside listings, and when they hover over the listings they are given more information about the businesses, such as opening hours and contact information. There is also a map facility incorporated into Carousel, and by zooming in and out of it listings can be changed appropriately. The website found results that appeared within the Carousel to receive a significantly greater number of clicks than ‘organic’ listings appearing on the same page.

Catering For Mobile Searches

There are several steps that businesses can take in order to ready themselves for the carousel, such as ensuring that the images featured on their listings page are as attractive and as relevant as possible. This should enable you to make a better first impression when search results are generated. You’ll need to ensure that the contact information and other details are fully up to date and correct, by visiting your business’ Google + page if you have one – and you really should have one – and making changes where necessary. Geography has a bigger role to play in terms of search results as mobile web use is becoming more and more prominent, with users often searching for services impulsively when they are out and about.




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