Will Voice Search Really Change the SEO Industry?

Optimising For Voice Search

Voice search is steadily growing in popularity, and as the term would suggest, it allows phone, laptop and tablet users to find the information that they are looking for without having to type anything in. This can be beneficial in many ways, especially when screens are too small to be typed into or when a user doesn’t know how to spell something correctly. So, does this mean that SEO techniques should be adapted to cater for voice search? Well, as with each development in the way we use the web, it’s certainly best to assure that you can still be found when users are searching through voice.

Differences in Search Behaviour

Historically, anything that has made life easier for the users of technology has gone on to bigger and better things, which means that no website owner looking to direct more traffic to their site can afford to ignore voice search. Web users don’t always type in the same way that they talk, which means that they are likely to say something different to when they type, even when they are looking for the same thing. Voice search is particularly advantageous to those on the move who may find it impractical to type but are looking for your local services quickly.

Target Those on the Move

So what should you do to cater for those searching by voice? You could incorporate long-tail keywords into your content based upon the terms that people might use in voice search, and you should ensure that you have a presence on the leading geography-based mobile-minded apps such as Google Places and Siri, which are centred upon voice-based search activity. It’s worth remembering that we are still nowhere near a scenario where voice search might start to leapfrog its more conventional counterpart in popularity, but certainly not worth risking losing sales by ignoring voice search either.

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com



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