Data Scientists are the New Rock Stars as Big Data Demands Big Talent

Maintaining the Digital Universe with Data Scientists

The digital universe is expanding all the time, and computer scientist have predicted that by 2020, it will have grown to 40 Zettabytes – or 45 trillion gigabytes, which translates into a multiplication of 50 within just a decade. It’s guessed that these huge capacities will be demanded by a number of sectors, including the financial and medical world as well as mobile devices and social media and eventually what it being branded the Internet of Things – a scenario in which various machines and objects will be require an internet connection and will be able to generate and work with data.

A Need for Analysis

It’s been claimed by the IDC that only 1% of the world’s data is currently being analysed, and the argument that technology has progressed much faster than we have been able to make sense of it is one of the main causes of this. In order to enhance the amount of data that is being analysed, it’s said that world will come to place greater and greater reliance on data scientists who will possess a range of coding skills, physics and maths knowledge, creativity, business acumen and knowledge of various other fields, which will all be needed for the digital world to move forward and be maintained.

Closing the Skills Gap

As the demand for these data scientists is set to be so high, it’s said that there will be a shortage of around 190,000 of these professionals by the time we reach 2018. Their skills we be in demand by a virtually infinite amount of companies all over the world who are looking for new ways to make use of the technologies available to them, improve customer service and relations and produce new facilities. To avoid this shortage, it’s argued that governments must invest in order for the skills gap to be filled before it becomes a gaping void.



Source: LinkedIn



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