Google+: The Best App for Integrated Content Marketing

Google Plus:  Are You Missing Out?

Whilst for many the jury would appear to still be out when it comes to the usefulness of Google+, many experts are adamant that it has the potential to surpass rivals such as Facebook and Twitter as an online marketing tool. One of the reasons for this is that allows companies to fuse together search, SEO and content marketing in a way that the other channels cannot. Nonetheless, other commentators have argued that Google+ cannot be as potent a marketing device as the other social media channels due to the fact that there are far fewer active Google+ users. However, those in favour of Google+ are arguing that the improved SEO facilities that it offers make it a welcome service for those looking to drive sales.

Almost Half of All Site Traffic Stems from Search

Research from the service Conductor recently found that almost half of all website traffic results from natural search engine activity, whereas around just 2% stems from social network marketing. Google+ enables content to be shared in much the same manner as it can be on Facebook and Twitter, which arguably means that as a marketing platform it simply cannot be ignored. Despite the lack of active Google+ users, it’s said that simply being part of a circle featuring influential businesses and individuals can be highly influential with regards to rankings, and if those with influence share your content this can also have an influence of where rank.

A Helping Hand

Google+ allows you to take advantage of a fusion of content marketing, SEO and social engagement to gain exposure online. Abandoning everything else in favour of Google+ wouldn’t be a wise move, but as an additional platform for increasing exposure, the service can be indispensable. If the keywords you are using on your own site aren’t bring the results you need, why not use them within your Google+ content instead to drive traffic back home?




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