Move Over Google Glass – GlassUp Is A Less Creepy And Much Cheaper Alternative

Less Invasive Challenge To Google Glass Laid Down?

The advent of Google Glass has been met with a mix of scorn and enthusiasm, but it does seem that it’s going to tough for Google to impress those who aren’t passionate about technology with the wearable apparatus. One of the main obstacles that Google faces is that Glass already has a reputation for being overly-invasive, and whilst its defenders claim that these concerns are outweighed by the genuinely useful facilities that it provides. Many commentators have expressed fears about the privacy issues that stem from Glass, and it certainly has often seemed that contemporary technology has been allowed to progress before we’ve all had the chance to weigh up the moral factors attached to it.

Ongoing Privacy Concerns

Google has disabled certain facial-recognition facilities from the technology, but it’s claimed that the Hangouts feature does allow Glass wearers to get around this. As Hangout can freely recognise not only places and barcodes but faces too, it’s said that this feature violates Google’s own rules on privacy. This arguably demonstrates a need for Glass-style technology without the invasive camera – which may come in the form of a new product, GlassUp. This facility can scan the information that it sees and relay useful information back to the user based upon what is viewed, but without the privacy fears.

A Second Smartphone Screen?

GlassUp is said to offer various useful facilities, particularly to those in motion. It can allow cyclists and pedestrians to assess where they are and what is around them without the need to fire up their smartphones or tablets, and can even help with the cooking process. It also comes with a far more modest price tag than Google’s equivalent, starting at $299 as opposed to $1,500. Due to go on sale next February, much investment for the project is being sourced through crowdfunding on Indiegogo.





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