The Facebook Advertising Ecosystem Explained

Various Facebook Advertising Tools Now Available To Utilise

Facebook is offering up more and more advertising facilities for new and established companies to get their teeth into, and it makes sense to utilise these as much as realistically possible. It’s virtually impossible to overestimate the customer reach that Facebook can bring, and scores of startups and emerging businesses have secured custom through the platform without overspending. Facebook has become unsurprisingly more sophisticated over time when it comes to audience targeting, and it seems that there are now at least seven useful ways to advertise your products and services on the site.

More Focussed Advertising

Companies looking to showcase their services on Facebook can choose from a plethora of facilities including brand ads, promoted pages, mobile app install adds, display ads and so on. However, there are many other facilities that customers can use to ensure that their potential customers and clients can find them. The Custom Audiences feature for instance allows companies to use offline customer data they have amassed to find past and existing customers on Facebook, targeting with ads as a result. Lookalike Audiences meanwhile allows them to find similar potential customer on the service.

A Wealth of Features

Partner Categories is a tool that allows companies that don’t have this data at their disposal to use the data of similar companies to attract custom, whilst the Cost-Per-Action tool enables them to pay for certain numbers of likes, link clicks and offer claims. It works on a similar principle to pay-per-click and brings an incentive to those looking to generate exposure on the service. Meanwhile Facebook Exchange permits vendors to display ads to people who have made relevant purchases in the past. As Facebook can be so pivotal when it comes to driving sales, it makes sense to at least experiment with a number of services to see what difference they can make to business revenue levels.




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