Watch out, terrorists: Big data is on the case

Big Data Playing Big Role in Fighting Cybercrime

New data analytics techniques are being unearthed to make crime reduction an even more robust force. These techniques, involving data mining and visualisation are being used to identify valuable patterns that can identify cyber-criminals and even terrorists. One of the tools being used in counter-terrorism is Tableau Software, a rigorous example of data visualisation services that has been adopted by the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups to make sense of over a decades’ worth of continually-maintained data that has been gathered to track the activities of those taking part in extremism and terrorism on national and global scales.

Answers before Questions

John Hitzeman, the institute’s IT and analysis coordinator says that the software has enabled his organisation to answer a series of important questions that would never have been though of without the tools. The software is charged with making it easier and easier to identify patterns, leading to strategies being formed to take on the terrorists before they strike again. He claims that the tool has resulted in lives being saved. Microsoft have also used premium data mining tools to identify and act upon millions upon millions of malicious files, threat and early warning reports that have been flagged by organisations relying on Windows. The intelligence arising from the tools is passed onto various antivirus companies such as Symantec to make the web a safer place for all.

Catching Threats Early

Threats may be coming to the surface constantly, but the mining tools have made it easier to diminish them before they have a chance to wreak havoc with a more and more detailed understanding of cybercrime trends being the result. These technologies are making it easier to identify threats at the earliest stages possible before data can fall into the wrong hands, preventing networks being attacked.




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