Big Data: What Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Have in Common

Big Data and Augmented Reality

We’re gathering more and more data all the time, and as Rand Schulman writes at, it can often seem that “our ability to collect the data far exceeds our ability to analyze and socialize it”. In his recent article on Big Data, Schulman suggests that this will continue to be the case until the data industry has recruited enough expert staff to tackle this huge influx of data and attach meaning to it. Schulman argues that until we reach that point, the situation is likely to be become more and more problematic.

Getting To Know You

Augmented Reality looks set to become more and more prominent over the coming years with the advent of technologies such as Google Glass, which allow people to interact digitally with the real world around them. AR application can collect a huge amount of data from the real world, seeing and identifying real-life objects and can offer up a wealth of information that might be used for the purposes of analytics. This provides app providers with enough behavioural information to arguably predict actions, to the point where real life can essentially be ‘recorded’ and tracked. More and more companies are looking to AR as a marketing tool, with enough data being brought forward to market to individuals on a one-to-one basis due to their past behavioural patterns.

Embrace The Technology?

Schulman has been part of development for an app called Tempo, which relies on calendar data to bring results. It has already become one of the most popular iPhone apps, and it’s said that the more data the app is given the more adept it will become at predicting your behaviour to the point of becoming a ‘virtual assistant’, making suggestions about everything from when to head out to a meeting and where you should eat. Schulman argues that rather than being invasive, these technologies have the potential to bring real empowerment to their users.



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