Pinterest Adds Price Alerts To Turn Aspirational Pins Into Purchases

Pinterest Price Alerts Put Into Place

Pinterest has added a new price alert feature to encourage more purchases to be made. The site, which enables users to collect items that they are interested in buying, allows users to buy up items that they are attracted to. Ecommerce sites from all over the world have used Pinterest to stimulate purchases and exposure for their services and the new feature marks an upgrade from a previous facility which simply allowed them to look at current prices. Additionally, Pinterest now monitors pin prices for changes.

‘Non-spam’ Notifications

Customers interested in being alerted to price drops can save a product pin to a board, and if a price does decrease, an e-mail will be despatched. However, to avoid accusations of spamming, Pinterest will attempt to incorporate numerous alerts into single messages, and users can also place a limity on these e-mails by changing their settings. Pinned products will indicate that a price has been dropped from a higher, previous rate where this is applicable.

More Conversions Targeted

This is just the latest in a series of recent changes that Pinterest have drafted in, and earlier this year it introduced different pin genres, enabling users to divide their pins into topics such as cookery and fashion for instance whilst product pins now show information such as past and present prices, the logo of the retailer and a link to the website where a purchase can be made. Pinterest says that product pins are generating more interaction and click-throughs than regular pins. The plethora of new features being added to the service comes at a time when a number of sites are attempting to replicate some of the services being offered by Pinterest. Users who haven’t seen the price alert feature being evident in their own accounts are assured that the facility is being slowly rolled out to all users.



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