Starbucks Ups the Stakes in Battle Over Wireless Charging

Starbucks Trialling Wireless Phone Charging

Starbucks have launched a wireless charging service in the US. The facility will be offered in a small number of Silicon Valley coffee shops next month, and Starbucks is expected out the service more prominently later. Ten Starbucks shops will be offering the service initially, with comparisons being drawn between their then-innovative launching of in-store Wi-Fi over ten years ago. The firm has been working alongside Duracell Powermat, which has been noticeably supportive of the influential Power Matters Alliance.

The Right Standards?

The Power Matters Alliance is one of a trio of groups that have laid out different standards for wireless charging, which also includes the Qi standard, which is backed by the Wireless Power Consortium. The Qi standard is used on the Nexus 7 as well as several other leading smartphones, most notably Nokia handsets. Meanwhile, the standards set out by the Power Matters Alliance have been met with the backing of AT&T as well as a series of influential phone manufacturers. The technology used by Starbucks to offer the new service is fully-compliant with the standards of the Power Matters Alliance.

All-Day Battery: The Holy Grail of Handset Makers?

Starbucks Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman said that whist a bigger rollout is not set in stone as yet; he felt that opting for the PMA standard was the best choice. He said that the company would see how its trial worked out before committing to anything else. As the facility relies on wireless sleeves, Starbucks has chosen to give away the hardware to some of its most frequent Silicon Valley customers. Nonetheless, some figures have criticised the brand for using standards that aren’t built into many of the most popular handsets. Rapidly-draining battery levels have become a constant bugbear for people all over the world looking for all-day support.



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