Tech Giants Have New Ad Giant To Worry About

Digital Ad War Steps Up Gear with Colossal Merger

Some of the biggest names in web marketing now have another behemoth to worry about. The merger of Omnicom-Publicis has sent shockwaves through the digital advertising world, and even the biggest players in the field such as Facebook and Google may well be considering their options. There’s no denying the power of digital advertising in a world where more and more people are turning their backs on more conventional mediums such as the printed media and fast-forwarding their way through television to escape the commercials. To advertise successfully, you need to know where your audience is, and for more and more companies, that appears to be online.

A Number of Obstacles?

The merger has involved a sum of $35.1 billion, and the new company is being called the world’s “biggest provider of advertising”, with the organisation itself being known as the Publicis Omnicom Group. Publicis itself has already bought up a number of digital ad firms such as Razorfish and Digitas, whilst its new partner has in the past been more associated with tech companies. Mobile marketing is becoming more and more important as the world moves further towards high-speed browsing on the move, but marketers have faced numerous problems in this area due to the size of smartphone screens for instance.

A Bigger Role for PR?

The leading digital giants have all attempted to offer up mobile ads, with varying degrees of success, and it’s though that the new company will certainly be after a slice of the mobile pie itself. Nonetheless, many commentators are saying that it’s not advertising that leads to conversions being made in today’s digital world, it is great content. It will be interesting to see how this new company – with its incorporation of some of the biggest names in PR such Fleishman-Hillard – will fare in a hugely competitive market.



Joao Beirao


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