Is Big Data Nothing Without Learning?


There’s no getting away from the advent of ‘Big Data’, and it’s said that the term itself is being search for in Google at least 673,000 times every month. However, Bob Zukis at Social Media Today is no fan of the phrasing itself, and thinks what is really interesting is not the amount of often-dubious old data being reproduced, but the levels of interesting new data that are being built up constantly. Zukis says that the Big Data challenge is all about converting big and useful data into even bigger and better knowledge. Zukis talks of a new knowledge frontier where “space and time driven relevancy will deliver real time intimacy and insights that were never before possible”.

Turning Data into Knowledge

Technology needs to produce interesting and useful new knowledge created by big data, and Zukis states that we have reached a point where it now capable of doing just that, making life easier for those hoping to make sense of it. He says that companies can have an edge over their competitors by turning information into knowledge more effectively than their rivals. Companies are now connected to their consumers, employees and various associates like never before, with useful and relevant data being provided to them in real time, with location-based information playing a pivotal role in their fortunes.

An Edge over the Competition

Zukis says that companies simply must unlock the value in this information if they are to survive, and that knowledge about customer behaviour, influence and various other factors needs to be acquired from Big Data. Zukis describes Big Data as a new language that is spoken to the companies today, and underlines the importance of understanding and reflecting, reflecting and acting upon the information provided by these new technologies, saying Big Data is worthless unless it is learned from.



Joao Beirao


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