Creating Content Experiences – Be Remarkable or Fail

Making Content Remarkable

Robert Rose at CMS Wire believes that a “a priority on remarkable content over everything else” needs to be in place if a content marketing strategy is to be successful, despite describing Content Marketing as being in the “Valley of Disillusionment”. Rose says that content has been used to create better customer experiences since as long ago as 1959, when Peter Drucker spoke of the value of “knowledge workers”.

Less Is More?

There’s no denying that our level of easy access to information is as high as Rose says that it is, citing Google Glass as a key example of this. Rose states that more content is being put on the web than ever, and it has been predicted by the EMC’s 2012 Digital Universe study by the year 2020 we’ll have published and replicated 40 zettabytes of data. Rose says that now we are progressing to such a stage, the novelty of seeing all of this data being produced is starting to wear thin. However, he claims that the real interest should be laying in the evolution of content marketing and the process of producing content that separates businesses from their competitors.

Can Factual Content Stand Out?

Whilst many businesses operate in fields where a great deal of their content is factual and therefore always likely to be replicated, Rose claims that what can make factual content brilliant is the way that “myriad facts (are turned) into meaningful insight, powered by a “distinct and remarkable point of view”. As data gets bigger, Rose claims that it doesn’t necessarily become more valuable unless meaningful insight, challenging questions and creativity are involved in it. He states that content producers need to think about why the content is important to their audience, what value will be derived from it and how it will differentiate the company from its rivals.



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