LinkedIn intends to monetize its social networking site for professionals through the imminent introduction of its advertising API.

LinkedIn Announces New Advertising API

The social networking site LinkedIn has announced plans to monetize its service through a new advertising API. It’s been predicted for some time that the service would head the same way as Facebook and Twitter in targeting a slice of the advertising pie that has been enjoyed prominently by the other social media giants, and that it is ready to make the leap. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner used the company’s latest quarterly earnings call to announce the introduction of the LinkedIn Advertising API.

Advertising Opened Up

A date for the launch of the API is yet to be announced, but the service is said to be gearing up to attract a number of leading advertisers and brands into utilising the tool. Weiner also said that that the tools will enable marketing agencies to make the most of LinkedIn. There is currently a restricted API on offer at LinkedIn but this is only being used by four exclusive companies – Adobe, Bizo, Unified, and AdStage. However, the new API is being targeted to a much wider client base. The new API will make it easier for media buys to be made, allowing a wealth of companies to build robust associations with LinkedIn.

Following the Pack?

The Twitter and Facebook Ads APIs have been in use for quite some time now and the new LinkedIn APIs will lead to users as well as advertisers and marketers being exposed to advertising units. LinkedIn has been tight-lipped about how much money has been generated from its current advertising API, and its Marketing Solutions division has set no clear classification aside for ads revenue so far, although this division was responsible for around a quarter of its total revenue in the second quarter of 2013. It’s been revealed that mobile advertising currently accounts for over a third of the total traffic passing through its website.



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