Facebook Shows Off the Algorithmic Secret Sauce Behind Your News Feed

Extra Time For Engaging Content

Facebook has given the world a unique insight into how stories are ranked in news feeds, whilst announcing new changes designed to make it easier for old content to be identified in feeds. It’s said that the average Facebook user could see around 1500 different posts and stories in their feeds without stories being prioritised over one another. It said that it uses factors such as the level of engagement that occurs with a page, friend or public figure to decide which stories are given prominence over others. The amounts of likes, shares and comments are that are a post receives from a user, the entire Facebook community and a user’s friends all have a significant influence over whether the social media site chooses to display a story to a user or not.

Posts Must Be More Interesting

In the coming weeks Facebook will make changes to its algorithms that will ensure that posts stay at the top of your feed for longer if its system decides that they are of interest to you. If posts are still nurturing engagement in the form of likes, shares and suchlike, they will be enjoy extended prominence. This means that advertisers and the administrators of brand pages will have to work harder to generate interesting content to ensure that engagement times can be extended.

A Reprieve For The Cream of The Crop

It’s said that Facebook users only scroll down to see around 57% of the stories in their feed before they give up. This means that many posts that would have been of interest of its users are missed. With the new changes, Facebook will allow to ‘pick up where you left off’, ensuring that the cream of the content that was posted relatively long ago remains at the top of your feed. Early tests have hinted that users are now reading as much as 70% of their feeds.




Kristoff Doneit


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