Facebook Will Now Punish You For Being Boring


A New Challenge for Facebook Brand Pages

New changes to the ever-shifting algorithms of Facebook mean that brands must be more engaging and interesting if their customer reach levels are to be enhanced. These changes have been put in place to ensure that content deemed more interesting and relevant than other content will stay at the top of news feeds for longer, as Facebook places more emphasis on popularity than chronology when dishing out feed rankings. The search giant will use data such as likes and shares to determine which content is popular, allowing users to be quickly directed to certain posts even if they missed them the first time round as long as engagement is still occurring. This means that the administrators of brand pages must either work harder to create content that generates a buzz or face paying to have their posts promoted.

Working Harder to Nurture Interest

This means that brands and people that post content that doesn’t nurture engagement will see their content slipping down news feeds in freefall. In the past, Facebook has strongly denied that its Edgerank algorithm is designed to hurt advertisers, and brands may find that if their reach levels are hit modestly, the long-term effects may be vast. An important fact that not many people are aware of is that only 15% of a brand’s followers ever see a typical post that is made a company. The only ways to increase this statistic will now be to either create hyper-interesting content or to pay the social network to have posts featured in the form of promotions or ads.

A Worthwhile Change?

Facebook denies that these changes have been brought about to coerce brands into handing over their cash, instead saying that brands simply need to ensure that the content that they are posting is relevant, useful and interesting. Recent tests suggested an 8% increase in engagement with brand page posts.

SOURCE: www.businessinsider.com

Joao Beirao


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