Future Google Glass To Be Made By Motorola

Motorola to Manufacture Google Glass?

Motorola is the reported future manufacturer for all Google Glass devices according to various online reports. The rumours come just a week after Motorola launched the new Moto X Android smartphone, which is one of the first devices to be produced by the company since it was taken over by the search giant, and Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has revealed that his company are being lined up to produce future Glass devices. Google Glass is moving closer to mass production and Motorola have already playing a pivotal role in the manufacture and design of various Google hardware devices. It’s said that Motorola have discussed various Glass manufacturing issues that might surface in future with Google.

Faster Development?

Although simply offering practical support and advice doesn’t necessarily mean that Motorola are likely to be the sole manufacturer behind Glass, Woodside was quoted as saying that may be a possibility in the future. If Motorola were to be involved in the production of Glass, it is not actually known whether other manufacturers will be involved, though it has been hinted that the co-operation from other parties may speed up development of the Glass project.

A Portfolio of Patents

Whilst no real facts have emerged about the future production of Glass, there certainly seems to be enough substance behind the rumours to suggest that Motorola may come to play a leading part in proceedings. Many people have cited the simple acquisition of Motorola by Google to be linked to the production of the Moto X. Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in 2011, marking Google’s biggest acquisition ever, eclipsing the deals made for YouTube and DoubleClick. A number of commentators suggested that it bought Motorola to protect it from a number of lawsuits that it might face when designing its own products, with Motorola being the owner of various innovative patents.

SOURCE: www.geeky-gadgets.com

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