Apple Gearing Up For Festivities with New iPads and iPhones


Bloomberg claims that consumers can expect not only an iPad Mini with Retina Display but also a thinner iPad to be launched before the close of the year. Reports that have circulated throughout the year have suggested that the bigger iPad was due a facelift emulating the design of the Mini, with a narrower bezel being part of the set up. Meanwhile, a Retina Mini has also been expected for some time. The new report would seem to confirm both of these predictions.

A New Period of Activity

Apple has had a quiet year in terms of product launches, but the new tablets are set to be joined by a new iPhone next month. Industry insiders have hinted at a September 10th event, and Apple has already told the world that a software refresh for iOS is due. The new products will ensure that Apple has a sizeable catalogue of new products ready to hit the shelves in time for the run-up to Christmas. It’s said that the iPad and iPhone made up 70 of all the companies sales in the last quarter of 2012. However, it’s also been announced that the company’s stock has slumped by around a third recently due to slow product growth and a lack of new products being unleashed – not to mention the ever-growing competition from close rivals such as long-standing nemesis Samsung.

More Products Expected

Industry experts have also been responsible for rumours that a budget-friendly iPhone will be released imminently, coming with particular appeal to non-US and European emerging markets. Time Cook, Apple’s CEO has also said that new products will continue to be launched in 2014. The new full-size iPad will mark the first redesign since March 2012. Meanwhile, the new iOS 7 will apparently include refreshes for the e-mail and calendar facilities, colour scheme and icons.


Joao Beirao


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