Is Yahoo Struggling To Embrace Mobile Life?

Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch has suggested that Yahoo must emulate the work of Groupon and Facebook if it is to enjoy a bigger slice of the mobile marketing pie. Facebook recently announced that 41% of its advertising revenue in the second quarter of 2013 was generated through mobile activity, up 11% of the previous quarter. Wilhelm argues that this shows that smartphones and tablets are now starting to snatch more and more power away from conventional desktop and laptop based use of the Net. He predicts that at some point during the course of the year, Facebook could actually raise more revenue through phones and tablets than through desktops, based on the levels of growth so far this year.

An Increased Focus on Mobile Advertising

Groupon meanwhile recently showed that it was generating almost half of its revenue from mobile devices. Wilhelm argues that the rates of revenue stimulated by mobile usage and the speed that this these figures are increasing are two of the most important statistics that companies of this ilk can report in today’s climate. Whilst some have argued that these statistics are not hugely important, more and more people are placing increased focus on them.

Backwards At Coming Forwards With Reports?

Yahoo has been buying up several small firms that are staffed by mobile engineers and using these staff to improve their own services. The company has failed to disclose the level of revenue that has been generated through mobile devices recently, leaving experts to wonder just how successful it has been in this area in the current climate. Wilhelm argues that non-disclosure usually means one of two things – firstly that a company is feels it is best that its rivals don’t know how well they are doing, or secondly that the figure is embarrassingly small. The company has reported serious growth in terms of mobile users, but whether that figure is translating into advertising revenue may be another issue.



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