Link Building or Content Marketing?

Web marketing professionals constantly need to adjust their approach in order to please the search giants, and now more and more content creators and digital marketers are being faced with a choice between link building and content marketing. Two approaches are both targeted towards the same end result – search engine optimisation – but which approach is more effective as things stand?

Keeping Up To Speed

Link building, of course, involved targeting keywords and finding great linking opportunities, usually being faced with a dilemma between using extremely popular keywords that involve much competition and moderately-popular terms that are being search for but not being implemented by marketers so much. This approach can take time, but good-quality offsite links have led to extremely desirable rankings results in the past. Content marketing however can require a great deal of know-how and often involves having a much more specific idea of how your audience is and how they behave online. You need to think carefully about where they go when they are online and how they discover new things. Facebook and Twitter are great places to try out new content marketing techniques, but these also require skill and expertise if a marketer is to make the most of them.

Creating Better Content

Video content marketing is becoming more and more important as people seek to be entertained not through text and still images as much as moving pictures. Videos lend themselves perfectly to smartphones and tablets and ensure that your public can engage with you even when you’re on the move. The more engaging and popular content is, the more likely it is to be shared, leading to greater exposure for a service. Google is using way more signals to dish out ranking than ever before and is even better at penalising bad links. For those who have neglected link building or content marketing, it is always worth trying out the alternative to get the required results.


Joao Beirao


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