YouTube Co-Founders Offer Up to Challenge To Vine and Instagram


YouTube’s co-founders are taking on Vine and Instagram with a new video sharing app branded MixBit. MixBit has been designed to emulate the simplicity and social facilities its rival services and allows users to edit and create videos from the content of others. It is expected to have enhanced marketing capabilities incorporated into it in the future too.

Collaborations and Remixes

MixBit has been available to users of Apple’s App store since last week, with an Android version in expected to be launched shortly. The co-founders themselves, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have also launched a MixBit website, with both services claiming to “help people create videos together”. Videos of lengths of up to a whole hour can be edited and published. It’s said that the MixBit website offers up an edge over Vine and Instagram by allowing users to collaborate on and remix community videos. The service involves clips of 16 seconds in length being uploaded from smartphones to be fitted into much longer completed projects.

Removing Barriers to Creativity

In a blog post, Hurley said that MixBit was built to “remove the barriers to video creation”, enabling people to “tell meaningful stories through video”. Users can even upload videos without needing to sign up to the service. It is targeted at professional and budding filmmakers as well as people who simply wish to record and share “the things they love”, whether that be visits to restaurants, concerts or simple socialising. It’s said that a completed video can include as many as 256 different clips. Videos can even be edited after they have been published, whilst numerous projects can be managed at once. It is hoped that the new service will appeal to younger users in particular as well as people of all ages.


Joao Beirao


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