Five Ways to Produce High Quality Content

Five Ways to Produce High Quality Content

Kevin Cain over at Social Media Today has outlined five different methods that marketers can use to create high-impact content. Great content is more important than ever and can be the difference between a conversion being made and not being made. It’s great content that can not only establish a company as an expert in its field but also heighten customer engagement levels too, bringing companies and the public closer together for longer. Fantastic content not only generates leads and builds brand awareness but drives traffic to websites with the end result of sales being completed.

Stay In Their Minds

Cain outlines the five key methods of producing high-impact content as maximising conversions through clear and compelling words, images and videos, understanding the needs and interests of your target audience, making your content reflect your brand identity, optimising content for search and building viral features into it. Fantastic marketing content resonates in the minds of your target audience and ensures that they see you as a leading, knowledgeable player in your field. For search engine optimisation, marketers used to place an emphasised focus on keywords, but now that the algorithms of the search engines have changed, rankings are being dished out based upon how popular your content is. This again means that you need to make it as informative, useful and shareable as possible to get Google et al on side.

Making Your Content Go Viral

In order to increase the chances of your content going viral, marketers need to really capture the imaginations of their audience. Viral content usually provokes some kind of emotional response, often a humorous one. This enhances the likelihood of it being shared and your audience reach being heightened. There really is no underestimating the importance of quality, high-impact content that can help your company to thousands on conventional marketing.




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