Discover Twitter’s Cost per Follower Service

Discover Twitter’s Cost per Follower Service

Companies that seek Twitter advertisement are able to take advantage of the micro-blogging site’s CPF (Cost Per Follower) service, which enables businesses to pay only for the followers that they receive. More and more companies are utilising Twitter’s advertising services, which allow them to promote accounts, tweets and trends for a fee. A promoted account is one that shows up immediately when people search for things that are related to a company and they also appear in the “Who to Follow” sections of the site’s pages. They enable companies to target audiences based on a number of factors such as location, age and interests. Companies can be promoted to users that are already following similar businesses.

Appropriate Bids Suggested

The CPF service allows companies to place bids to be promoted, and they are informed of the average amount that their competitors are paying to promote their services to users. There is a current range of around $2.50 to $4 per follower, but the higher a company bids, the more Twitter prioritises them. There is the option of a cap being put in place, which ensures that once a certain amount of followers has been achieved, promotion stops, preventing companies from overspending. Many companies choose to add additional funds to their promotional campaign later based on the success of their previous activities.

Promotion without Overspending

CPF allows companies to take the risk factor out of promoting themselves on Twitter due to the fact that they only pay when a conversion is made. There are no charges for what Twitter calls “organic activity” and daily budgets can be set. Companies are advised to analyse how they are faring a couple of days into their CPF activities. At this point, companies may wish to adjust their budgets or stick with them.


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