Are Facebook’s Fortunes Fading?


A new article over at lays out several reasons that would seem to support the view that Facebook is in a state of decline. Gene Marks, the man behind the report, says that after years of Facebook use by his family and others close to him, he has started to notice an attitude of apathy towards the service, with his children opting to spend more time on Reddit and Twitter as opposed to Facebook. Marks himself says that he has found himself gravitating towards LinkedIn more regularly. So, if Facebook’s days are numbered, why has is this so?

Pushing Too Hard?

A recent report on Mashable featuring quotes from thirteen year old Ruby Karp suggested that Facebook had been trying too hard to get teenagers to utilise the service, leading to classic teenage resistance and rebellion. Another potential reason which Facebook may be being sidestepped lies in the fact that there are several other social media platforms available which lend more support to those looking for anonymity. These sites include Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, all of which don’t actively encourage users to tie their accounts to their own identities.

Is FB Appropriate For Everyone?

Smartphone and tablet use meanwhile is becoming more and more location-orientated, meaning that geography-minded services such as Vine are becoming more and more attractive to those hoping to engage with the real world around them. E-mail is still seen by many as a more favourable method of communication than Facebook, particularly when communication with professionals is sought out. Many people may see Facebook as being a particularly inappropriate channel for communicating with people of status. Because Facebook is associated with fun, Marks suggests that it be less-than-desirable platform for companies selling ‘unsexy’, industrial products, hinting that companies that do deal in these somewhat serious products may be turning their back on the service too.




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