Are You Using Twitter As A “One-Way Platform”?


Brands are missing out on substantial revenue and customer engagement by failing to use Twitter to its full potential, says a new article on Social Media Today. The report, produced by Tim Grimes, claims that a number of brands are still using the service as a “one-way platform”, failing to engage with potential customers and strike up conversations. Grimes says if Twitter is used effectively, it can break down the walls between brands and audiences. The company Brandwatch recently identified over 250 leading brands to see how they were implementing social media strategies on Twitter, with interesting findings.

More Engagement = More Exposure?

The Brandwatch found that as many as 97.6% of these brands used Twitter, with more than half of them tweeting more than 30 times a week. Of the brands researched, only 3% simply interacted with customers when they were asked a question. Brandwatch found that the top 100 most followed brands that engaged with their followers the most frequently included @Playstation and @ESPN, with @BBCBreaking and @chelseafc engaging notably with the public in the UK.

Covering Various Areas

Over the last few years, more and more brands have decided to use multiple accounts on Twitter. Three years ago, only around 7% of noted brands had only one account, whilst this figure now stands at around 63%. The main purpose for having multiple accounts is for covering different areas, meaning a business may use one account solely for delivering news whilst utilising another for the purposes of engagement with followers. Dell has more than 40 accounts currently.

Multiple Accounts for Different Purposes

Whilst some people say that having multiple accounts means having fewer followers for each of them, others argue that this makes it easier to target certain areas of your audience. For companies that deliver a broad range of services, some of these may be of more interest to an individual than others.


Joao Beirao


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