Take Your Lead from Oreo


Companies that are hoping to enhance their brand engagement levels should take a leaf out of the book of noted biscuit manufacturer Oreo, according to Lilach Bullock at Social Media Today. Bullock says that the way that the brand has conducted itself on Facebook and Twitter has been a textbook example of how a brand should engage with its audience in 2013.

Act like The Superbrands

Although having a social media profile is an essential step to take for any business, it is only of value if it utilised appropriately. Companies need to do this by understanding what appeals to their audience, produce content that they can engage with and continuing to nurture this engagement. Oreo is labelled a ‘super-brand’ similar to Coca-Cola by Bullock, a name that lays marketing blueprints for others to follow. Oreo has a vast following on both Facebook and Twitter, with 34+ million fans and 161+ million followers respectively, with these numbers increasingly all the time. Throw their Instagram and YouTube followings into the mix and its clear to see why Oreo is such a social media success story.

Be More Fun

Bullock says that companies can attempt to emulate this success by being original and creative. These platforms allow you to capture the imaginations of your audience through an array of facilties such as videos, polls, ads, competitions, quizzes, text and images, appealing to their collective emotions massively. A humourous and friendly tone is always important, whilst a stern or sombre tone is never likely to lead to a great customer experience. You can’t just expect to use your accounts to attempt to sell your products and nothing else, you really do need to create an intoxicating experience. Ask your audience questions and answer them just as brands like Oreo, strike up conversations and you really should start to see results.


source: Social Media Today

Joao Beirao


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