Google Launches New Helpouts Service


Google have launched a new service called Helpouts. The service allows its users to make cash by helping other people out with cash through video chat. The new facility makes use of Google+ and Hangouts for the video part and can be used on any browser that supports Hangouts. A Helpouts app is apparently due to launch soon to sit alongside the PC version. Users must be at least 13 years old to seek assistance and over 18 to ask for it.

Recording Facilities

Helpouts can be recorded by Google under certain circumstances. Most users can choose to opt-in or out-of recording, though if you do flag a Helper for abuse, Google reserves the right to enable recording for quality assurance purposes. The videos can be recorded for the public use of both parties if each of them agrees to the video being released. Helpouts cannot be recorded however if a customer is under the age of 18. If abuse is reported Google won’t make the recording available. Companies could use Helpouts for outsourcing anything from SEO and graphic design, affiliate marketing and much more – raising comparisons to Skype.

Resolving Disputes

In the event that a customer is not happy with the help that they received, a refund can be requested with 72 hours of the session’s conclusion. If a helper won’t give a refund, the case can be referred to Google, where the Quality Assurance team will decide whether reimbursement should be made. If Google thinks that the Helper’s work was in line with what was requested, yet the customer is not happy, they can reimburse the Helper for their time. It is also worth remembering that Google will take 20% of any earnings accrued through Helpouts – a standards rate for services of this kind. Currently, anyone wishing to use Helpouts must wait for an invitation code, though the service is likely to be rolled out further in the coming weeks and months. For the time being, you can submit a request with your e-mail address.


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