Google to Acquire NFL Rights?


Google is reportedly in discussions with the NFL over plans to take games to YouTube. The package that is apparently being negotiated is the “Sunday Ticket”, which is currently being broadcast by DirecTV in the run-up to the contract coming to an end next year. Currently, DirecTV are paying $1 billion a year to show the “Sunday Ticket” package, but the NFL is expected to charge significantly more after the current deal runs out.

A Bigger Deal?

Reasons for the increase in price include deals with broadcasters such as CBS and Fox bringing in 50-60% more cash than previously, whilst new contracts being negotiated for players are up by about 30% as a result. It has been estimated the winning bidder will be paying around 20-30% more than DirecTV is currently handing over. It’s said that the contract is open to what may be seen as unconventional partners as well as the traditional big broadcasting names. Google has of course become more and more powerful over recent years, suggesting that if it wants the contract, it will get it.

Peanuts for Google?

The prices being touted by the NFL could be seen as small-change for Google, yet the market for the NFL is huge not only in the US but sizeable worldwide too. It’s predicted that this could simply be one of a series of big TV contracts that the search giant is considering signing up for as the boundaries between video streaming services and conventional TV broadcasters continue to blur.

NFL Rep Speaks

Google have not provided any specific information to the public about the rumours but an NFL rep did say that “members of our office meet often with innovative leaders in Silicon Valley and around the world. We are constantly looking for ways to make our game better on the field, in the stadium, and for fans. We are not commenting on any specifics of the meetings.”


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