Oracle Launched New BI Mobile App Designer


Companies all over the world are investing in self-service mobile business intelligence access. A report by Gartner predicted that by 2015, more than half of all mobile BUI users will be relying on mobile devices alone for analytics. This week, Oracle launched a new Mobile App Designer which allows users to produce their own apps for devices. The interface is based on a browser-based, drag-and-drop system. Data, text, graphs and images can be combined to create apps to suit different business needs. Oracle compares the ease of working producing apps through its new system to the simplicity of working with conventional office software.

Using HTML 5

QR codes can be scanned, enabling apps to be run on mobile devices. The apps support touch-and-swipe and can be used for analysis and forecasts and customer profile-building. Running on HTML 5 means that the apps don’t need to be modified to work with different operating systems. The App Designer itself is part of the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, and is designed to make use of any centralised data. Business intelligence has grown significantly in value over the last few years, and 85% of people surveyed by the business intelligence provider Jaspersoft said that there were significant advantages to being able to access BI tools on mobile devices.

Cracking Global Markets

More and more companies are developing and selling BI tools. Microsoft recently launched the cloud-based Power BI for Office 365, providing a significant enhancement on what the company already had available. Meanwhile, the BI provider Birst has just announced that it has been able to attract $38 million in funding recently, which it says it will use to crack the European and Asian markets. This brings the total monies raised up to $84 million. The company has also been able to gain Challengers Quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence recognition.


Joao Beirao


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