Candid Interview with LG Executive Reveals Future Plans


A recent interview with the LG Bulgaria communications executive Dimitar Vulev has detailed a number of forthcoming product plans from the tech manufacturer. In the interview Vulev, gives information about products that are currently in development as well as those that are planned for the near future. He says that next year an “even bigger phone” than the Optimus View and Optimus G Pro will be unveiled. Recently, LG had shelved its tablet plans but Vulev now says that the “growing market” means that the company cannot afford to ignore the trend. He hinted that a large tablet is likely to be launched before the year’s end.

Several Operating Systems in Use

Whilst LG are still working primarily with Android’s operating system, Vulev revealed that Windows Phone devices are also likely to surface in 2014, depending on how Microsoft develops its OS. LG India MD also mirrored this viewpoint earlier this year. The company is also developing a Firefox phone. Firefox’s OS hasn’t been adopted by any of the big players in the market so far, but this is expected to change in the near future. LG are also working on smartwatch to be unveiled in the US initially, with a view to it being rolled out to other territories. LG did release its GD910 in the past to muted success, but Vulev says that the market is more readied for such a device now than it was previously.

An Open Approach

Historically, tech manufacturers haven’t been this loose-lipped about their future plans, but LG have regularly bucked this trend. Nonetheless, we won’t know about the quality of these products until they do hit the market. In any case, it seems that LG are determined to avoid any sort of slip into irrelevance, hinting at products that would seem to address a comprehensive array of worldwide consumer demands.


Joao Beirao


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