Is Ad Block Becoming More Popular?


Ad Blocking is said to be on the rise, sending shockwaves through the online advertising world. The founder of gaming site Destructoid Niero Gonzalez found that a sizeable number of his own visitors were using ad blocking technology recently, by asking PageFair to perform an audit on his service. The auditing service found that half of Destructoid’s users were blocking ads, costing Gonzalez “thousands” of dollars ever month. This led to him asking users to help Destructoid to make up the losses, by either unblocking ads or paying to sign up for an ad-free service. He also asked his users to tell him why they had decided to block the ads.

Ads a “Nuisance”?

Gonzalez found that the ads were being blocked because they were being seen as a “nuisance”, even saying that if he wasn’t in the industry, he would use the blocking services himself. NSA monitoring is another potential factor influencing blocking. PageFair said in a recent report that more than one-fifth of web users are blocking ads. It also estimates that blocking is growing at a rate of 43% annually.

Firefox and Chrome Users Prolific Blockers

PageFair has backed up its stats by using evidence from Google Trends, which has shown the term “adblock” to be being searched for twice as much as it was last year. More and more ad blocking services are appearing on the market too. PageFair said that users of tech sites and suchlike are more likely to block ads as they know about blockers and how to use them.  PageFair even found that Firefox and Chrome users are amongst the biggest ad blocker users, mainly because so many leading blockers have been designed for these browsers. The growing range of sophisticated ad blockers out there may seem good for web users, but not so great for companies that rely on the exposure provided by ads.


Joao Beirao


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