LinkedIn: A Valuable Alternative to Cold-Calling?


Numerous articles have appeared online recently asking whether LinkedIn has started to become an alternative to cold-calling for businesses looking to generate sales leads. It’s thought by many that the traditional process of curating a list and picking up the phone is an outdated technique, and many influential figures are claiming that a strong presence on LinkedIn can mean that you no longer need to make the first move at all. The more useful and engaging information you can put on LinkedIn, the more you can convince passing audiences that you are worth doing businesses with, meaning that some startups are having to work less hard to generate leads.

Warmer Communications

LinkedIn is associated with building rapport, and is often thought of as a warmer channel for generating leads than cold calling ever has been. This means that when the time to have a phone conversation does come, the general tone of communication can be much more pleasant and warmer than it would have been in the past, due to the fact that both parties have a good idea about who they are dealing with.

Participating In Groups

If you are yet to really utilise the various tools provided to you by LinkedIn, it may be worth taking note of a handful of key tips to get started. Starting a group is a great method that you can use to start generating leads, and whilst an open group may well lead to an influx of spam, a closed group can be highly beneficial. It can take longer to grow a closed group, but the connections that you can make through one can be extremely valuable. Once you have started a group, you should participate as much as you can to nurture activity within it. When making announcements on LinkedIn, less is typically more, so always ensure that what you are posting is useful and interesting.



Joao Beirao


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