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More and more businesses have got Facebook marketing down to a tee, but when it comes to Instagram, some are yet to learn the best tactics. Nonetheless, Instagram’s user base is growing all the time, which means that it makes perfect sense for advertisers to make use of the service. There are a series of tips and tricks that SMEs can use to increase exposure and engagement on the photo-sharing service.

Create a Better First Impression

One of the first things to do when setting up an Instagram account for your business is to complete your profile. You should spend quite some time on this, as this provides you with the opportunity to make an excellent first impression. Write any important key information on here and make sure that you update it should any of these details change. Ensure that users can find you on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in this section too. You’ll then need to find customers and can do this by looking for people in your target location who are talking about relevant topics.

Avoid Spamming

You can’t expect to create exposure without engaging, so you should talk to your audience as you would on Twitter and Facebook. Converse with other businesses too, and you should be able to carve out your own unique voice through text as well as pictures. Find an ideal posting rate and avoid being too prolific – 2-3 posts a day is enough and won’t lead to you being accused of spamming your audience.

Be Unique and Creative

You should showcase your products in the pictures that you upload, but you can offer up other relevant photos too, to document things like corporate events or even your workforce, giving your brand a ‘human’ feel. More and more web users are gravitating towards pictures and videos over text, so it’s important to follow the relevant trends.



Joao Beirao


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