How to Use LinkedIn to Your Own Advantage


A piece by Linda Dessua over at Social Media today has outlined some key techniques that users of the site can take advantage of to make the service more useful. It’s estimated by surveys that around 70% of all marketers are using LinkedIn, and that the vast majority of these are planning upon using the site more. Dessua describes the blogging services on LinkedIn as extremely helpful. The site has chosen a number of “Influencers” to post blogs on the site, and Dessau says that it’s a great idea to share key posts that you find on there with your audience.

Sharing and Engaging

Users can rest assured that the information included in the posts is relevant, accurate and useful due to the fact that the authors have been chosen due to their knowledge and expertise. Such posts can also increase your own knowledge of your chosen sector, whilst there are obvious additional benefits to associating yourself with such reputable content too. You can even follow specific authors and themes on there too by customising your settings.

Make the Most of This Valuable Tool

To build up a more robust network on LinkedIn, users can look for great content that has been posted by offers and show their appreciation by engaging with these posts. These steps can lead to your network blossoming, and therefore increasing exposure for your own activities. The “People You May Know” facility can also be instrumental in helping you to grow your network. When using the Connect button, it’s a good idea to use the note facility to offer a personal greeting. Users can even make it easier to share relevant and engaging content by using the site’s Bookmarklet feature. If you’ve had a LinkedIn account for some time but are yet to see any useful results stemming from your use of the service, these steps could make a world of difference.




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