Social Data Blooming into Social Intelligence

Making More Sense of Customer Data With Social Intelligence

The data that stems from social media platforms like Facebook is of ever-increasing worth to companies, and it’s said that businesses are becoming more and more interested in integrating data about audience interests and habits into their own systems. This data is being labelled ‘social intelligence’, and is being used by companies to give them a tough edge over their competitors. The Social Data Intelligence: Integrating Social and Enterprise Data for Competitive Advantage, a report from Altimeter, has backed up these claims and it’s said that whilst enterprises have an average of 178 social media accounts, the challenge for the businesses that own these accounts is making sense of the wealth of data that is accrued and storing it in a centralised, coherent way.

Bringing Everything Together

It’s said that the Holy Grail for companies is the ability to collect all of the data provided to them by various social media accounts and devices in a holistic fashion. By achieving this, companies can identify just what customer expectations are and can go about fulfilling them in a more efficient manner, driving sales and defeating the competition. Altimeter’s findings have enabled them to come up with a series of techniques for the benefit of social media marketers in the form of what it has labelled the Social Data Maturity Map.

Prior Preparation Brings Results

Another concern for business marketers is identifying and implementing new way to deal with the vast influx of data that is being generated in real-time to the point where behaviour can be predicted confidently. Whilst the vast majority of companies – especially SMEs don’t currently have the technology to implement all of this convincing, it’s said that they can start to prepare themselves for a scenario where they might be able to make use of the technology once it is prevalent with the help of the Social Data Maturity Map.



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