Three Marketing Principles Guaranteed to Bring Your Company Success

Marketers have always faced a constant battle to keep up with, and overcome the challenges presented by, new technology. Marketing tactics have been changed, adapted and modified for a plethora of developments in technology – shopping by mobile phones and the development of smart TVs being just two in recent times.

But the very basic foundations of marketing continue to be of the utmost importance in any marketing strategy. If a marketer can’t get these right, they needn’t bother mastering the latest gadgets at all.

Do your homework

This sounds simple, but the amount of marketing plans that are a bit of a wildcard – i.e., the marketers have no idea if they’ll work or not – is way too many. If you or your clients are going to spend money on marketing, it needs to be effective. Putting the hours in to do the research, and planning a strategy, is absolutely crucial in any marketing activity – and this will never change.

Build trust

One of the challenges that modern technology brings is the different ways of communicating, both with clients and customers. While the way of talking to people might need to be adapted, the basic idea that you need to build up trust in your brand will not. If you’re not honest, consumers will soon take their money elsewhere.

People are people

Connecting to people as individuals is absolutely critical for any business. Because people are individuals – not just a number in your ‘target audience’. Building a rapport with a customer or prospective customer can make the difference between success and failure, and this is the same whether it’s on the shop floor or when conducting market research.

People have a choice when it comes to where they spend their money, and the chances are that if they don’t like you, they won’t spend it with you.

There are numerous reasons why consumers fall out with big brands and multinationals, but it doesn’t matter who you’re representing or who you’re working for – if you don’t follow the three basic marketing principles above, no amount of new tech will help you.


Source: MM Identity Lab


Kristoff Doneit


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